May 25, 2016

Your App IS a Business: Here’s Why

A lot of times I preach to my clients that building an app is like building a business. Here’s how […]
January 6, 2016

Most Popular Internet of Things (IoT) Devices for 2016

The past decade has spurned the invention of many new devices and making them user-friendly. The next decade seems to be […]
October 21, 2015

Vet Your Local SEO Company With This Checklist

It’s about that time. SEO time. The website is up and running. The design is beautiful. The content is high […]
July 27, 2015

7 Ways Google Webmaster Tools Can Help Grow Your Website

Everyone wants more traffic to their site, they just don’t know how to get it. What they don’t realize is how easy […]
June 8, 2015

4 Apps That Are Changing The World (And Why Yours Should Be Next)

There isn’t anyone living a completely app-free life these days (unless they’re living under a rock, that is). And that’s […]
October 31, 2013

One8 for Android Launched

Hi everyone, Our team here at Tepia Co is proud to annouce the launch of One8 for android. We have […]
September 16, 2013

Vokl TV Launch Coming Soon!

Hi Everyone, we have been developing Vokl TV for about 6 months now and the time for launch is really […]
August 16, 2013

Tepia Co Looking to Double Staff

Tepia Co is already expanding. After just 8 months in business Tepia Co will look to double it’s staff! Keep […]
August 15, 2013

Launch of Tepia Co Website V2

Hi everyone, where are happy to announce the launch of our new website. Take a look around and let us […]
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