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“I am so lucky to have found and worked with Abe for my mobile app!  He is a true professional.  When you first meet him you can tell he is extremely passionate about technology and development.  Abe is a very easy going guy.  You will appreciate that he doesn’t come off as too techy or a salesman.  I interviewed 10 digital agencies to develop my app and each one fell in one of those categories.  Abe takes a sincere interest is seeing your project succeed.  Actually feels like he’s an extension of my own team.  So it’s easy to see Abe not as a vendor but more of a partner.  He will take your ideas and help develop them with you.  Beware of developers that code exactly to your specs.  That’s not always a good thing!  Working with Abe I learned he himself has launched a few of his own ideas/ventures and I can see that experience come into play with my project.  He will tell you his honest opinion what may or may not work in a real life scenario.  This will save you a lot of time, money and headaches!  Not many development teams will do this.

I guarantee that you will be extremely happy with your project.  I highly recommend Abe and Tepia Co.”

– Rich, Vokl TV Founder  via  Yelp Reviews

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